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YGM high pressure grinding mill for Zambia limestone powder processing

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Recently, Shanghai Clirik provided a set of high-pressure grinding mill equipment for Zambian users. The whole set of high-pressure mill consists of main engine, reducer, analysis machine, pipeline device, blower, dust collector, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electric control system. As a modified Raymond mill, both technology and performance have certain advantages. The YGM series of high-pressure mills produced by Shanghai Clirik include 7815, 8314, 9517, 4121, MTM1600 and MTM1750.

Clirik sold to Zambia this high pressure grinding mill is a high pressure mill model MTM1600. The MTM1600 has six grinding rolls, so it is also called a 6R mill.

hing pressure grinding mill

The 6R high-pressure grinding mill is a large model of the Collier YGM high-pressure mill series. It is also a well-sold mill equipment for limestone, kaolin, dolomite, calcite, montmorillonite, bentonite and aluminum crucible. More than 260 non-flammable and explosive materials such as soil, barite, lime, gypsum, talc, attapulgite, diatomaceous earth, etc., the main processing fineness is 80-425 mesh.

The Zambian user purchases this high-pressure grinding mill equipment mainly for the production of limestone, which is ground into a fine-grained limestone powder of 200 mesh, and the output needs to reach 10-15 tons in one hour.

The high-pressure grinding mill is the main grinding machine of Shanghai Clirik. Its performance is stable and its applicability is strong. It has been favored by the majority of users for a long time, and it has won a place in the powder equipment market.