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New stone grinding mill small target

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In the second half of 2019, the word "small goal" appeared frequently in major social platforms. Some of them were implemented smoothly, and more were far away. Whether they can be achieved is linked to personal ability. In the field of milling, it seems that there has been a wave of “target tides”, or to develop energy-saving and environmental protection, or to reach 40 tons per hour. In today’s flourishing industry, these “small targets” Is it just out of reach or just around the corner? Let's take a look at each one for everyone.

Introduction of new stone grinding mill

The stone grinding machine is a common grinding machine used in mine grinding, and is also an indispensable milling equipment in the milling production line. The new stone grinding machine is a machine that is innovatively improved on the basis of the traditional milling machine. It is used to grind the stone and grind it to the required particle size. After grinding the stone, the finished product is uniform, the particles are fine, and it can also be mixed with several materials. The effect is very good, and it has been widely used by users. Love.

stone grinding mill

Where is the new stone grinding mill "new"?

1. Structure: It adopts vertical design to effectively reduce the floor space, and the complete set is very strong. It can be completed independently in the series of steps of initial processing, conveying, milling and packaging of stone.

2. the production capacity: compared with the traditional stone grinding mill, its screening rate is as high as 99%, which is not achieved by general milling equipment.

3. Environmental protection: The new stone mill is equipped with a dust removal device, which can effectively reduce dust pollution and achieve green environmental protection.

4. manufacturing: the use of high wear-resistant materials with ingenious craftsmanship, combined to create a new type of equipment, smooth transmission, reliable operation.