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Titanium dioxide energy-saving stone grinding mill

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Shanghai Clirik Titanium Stone Grinding Mill--CLUM Ultra-fine Vertical Roller Mill, which can grind the fineness of titanium concentrate to 325 mesh to 2500 mesh titanium dioxide for the corresponding industry. This equipment is currently equipped with production lines in most parts of the country, with low comprehensive investment cost, high grinding efficiency, strong drying ability, high reliability, convenient maintenance, low operating cost, and the equipment adopts PLC automatic control system, and It can realize remote control, easy operation and convenient maintenance, which greatly reduces labor costs. It is an energy-saving stone grinding mill that is very reliable for milling companies.

Titanium dioxide processing technology:

1. Broken ilmenite with CLUM energy-saving stone grinding mill

2. The pulverized ilmenite enters the acid decomposing tank and is acid-decomposed with the concentrated concentrated sulfuric acid. When the acid is dissolved, the air pressure is first carried out, then the ilmenite is stirred with sulfuric acid for about half an hour, and steam is added to initiate the main reaction. The main reaction is about three hours. After the reaction is completed, the air pressure is continued for 10-15 minutes to start the intrusion, and the metered water is added to the acid hydrolysis tank to dissolve the solid phase. This process is also about three hours. After invading the junction velocity, a certain amount of elemental FE is added to reduce the ferric ions in the titanium solution. When three titaniums appear in the solution, a flocculant is added. The black titanium solution is then pumped into the settling tank, and after sedimentation, filtration, the titanium liquid is driven into the titanium liquid preheating tank.

3. Perform hydrolysis.

4. The hydrolyzed titanium solution enters the metatitanic acid storage tank and is then washed.

5. Once washed, beat the titanic acid into the bleaching process.

6. The bleached metatitanic acid is rinsed.

7. Rinse for salt treatment.

8. Start the kiln press after the salt is processed. 

9. Calcination The pressed water and titanium dioxide are transferred to the kiln to start calcination.

10. After the calcination is completed, it is cooled by a cooling kiln and ground by a roll-pressure energy-saving pulverizer to obtain a finished titanium dioxide.

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Technical parameters and advantages of CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill

Energy-saving stone grinding mill technical parameters:

Finished product size: 3-45μm

Production capacity: 4-40t/h

Scope of application: high-fine grinding of non-metallic mineral products such as limestone, calcite, marble, heavy calcium, kaolin, barite, bentonite and pyrophyllite, which can be used in papermaking, coating, plastics, rubber, pigments, inks, PVC, etc. Provide high quality fillers and additives

Energy-saving stone grinding mill - the characteristics of ultra fine vertical roller mill.

1. Product quality is stable and quality is excellent

2. Easy maintenance and low operating costs

3. High reliability

4. Low comprehensive investment cost

5. Environmental protection

6. High degree of automation