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Detailed and efficient carbon black production technology

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Carbon black is a light, loose and fine black powder. Carbon black is mainly used in the manufacture of ink, paint, dyes, electricity, gas and other industries. Carbon black can also be used as a reinforcing agent for rubber. In the development of the national economy Play an important role. Large pieces of carbon black need to be pulverized into a fine powder by using a pulverizer. Commonly used carbon black pulverizers include Raymond pulverizer, superfine pulverizer and high-strength pulverizer. These three types of pulverizers can achieve The fine grinding of carbon black raw materials has a high recovery rate of finished products, which greatly enhances the application value of carbon black.
How to choose a carbon black grinding mill:

Jaw crusher: processing fineness is 10-105mm, maximum processing capacity is 90 tons / hour.

Hammer crusher: the processing fineness is below 25mm, the maximum processing capacity is 45 tons / hour.

Box crusher: the maximum feed size is 600-800mm, the fineness of the finished product is less than 50mm, and the maximum processing capacity is 160 tons / hour.

European version coarse powder mill: processing fineness is below 3mm, maximum processing capacity is 100 tons / hour.

YGM high pressure suspension roller Raymond mill: processing fineness is between 15-200 mesh (fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily).

HGM three-ring medium speed micro powder grinding mill: processing fineness is between 200-3000 mesh (fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily).