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5T/H Limestone Grinding mill test

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There are many uses for limestone grinding mill. Filipino customers are optimistic about the profitability of limestone grinding mill. A half-year-old limestone grinding mill production line was ordered at Clirik six months ago. Clirik's technicians are currently installing For this set of equipment, Clirik's technical staff did another test on the site for the limestone grinding mill production line, and feedback the customer evaluation to the plant area, let's take a look below.

Equipment configuration of limestone grinding mill production line

PE-250 * 400 jaw crusher, GZ2 electromagnetic vibration feeder, HGM100 micro powder grinding mill, pulse dust collector, etc.

Operation of Limestone Grinding Mill Production Line

Production capacity: 5T / H
Processed material: limestone
Finished product requirements: 325 mesh
Customer feedback: This production line is designed by Shanghai Clirik technicians. The configuration equipment is solely responsible for Clirik. Even the initial installation, testing, and operation instructions are also completed by the manufacturer. Not only the designed grinding powder The solution is reasonable, the equipment is very cost-effective, and the service is attentive.

Clirik HGM Series Limestone Grinding Mill Unique Advantages

As seen above, the limestone grinding mill production site built by Clirik is solely responsible for it. Many customers must also be curious about what kind of equipment the HGM series limestone grinding mill produced by Clirik and what advantages are worth talking about?
Clirik HGM series limestone grinding mill machine is a kind of milling equipment introduced by Clirik in recent years. The technology is relatively advanced and the structure design is relatively mature. Many years of experience in the research and development of milling equipment, to meet the needs of the future development of the milling industry, to absorb the advantages of domestic and foreign milling technology, and to develop a new processing equipment with high milling level. Its advantages are:
1. The spring pressurization device increases the grinding force and achieves the goal of high production and efficiency faster.
2. Under the premise that the output and fineness requirements are the same, the energy consumption of the HGM series micro powder grinding mill system is only one-third of that of air jet milling.
3. The powder separator adopts a modular design, which can meet different fineness requirements faster; at the same time, the frequency conversion speed regulation can make the finished powder finely classified.
4. Attached with a pulse dust removal device, it can realize automatic dust removal and keep the site environment clean and clear.