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How much is the calcium hydroxide production line equipment?

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Calcium hydroxide, inorganic compounds, commonly known as slaked lime or slaked lime. Calcium hydroxide has a wide range of applications in the industry. It is a commonly used building material and also used as a bactericide and chemical raw material. Clirik will explain for everyone.
Configuration of calcium hydroxide production line
To know how much is the calcium hydroxide production line equipment, first of all, what are the configuration of the calcium hydroxide production line? The configuration of Clirik calcium hydroxide production line consists of: jaw crusher, vertical powder mill, storage tank, hoist, feeder, reducer, powder analyzer, fan, pulse dust collector, powder collector, powder Packaging machine and other components.
grinding mill
Clirik calcium hydroxide production line process
coarse crushing after calcination
Limestone crushing after calcination is the first process. Because the moisture content of the limestone is relatively large, the raw materials need to be dried to less than 6% of moisture. After the calcination and drying, the massive limestone is transported to the raw material warehouse by a special vehicle.
The dried limestone is lifted by the hoist to the storage hopper, and the storage hopper drops the material, and the feeder is evenly fed to the host.
In the process, qualified limestone powder is screened by the sieving system and then enters the collector through the pipeline. After collection, it is discharged as a finished product through the powder outlet pipe. The unqualified product falls into the host and is remilled.
The fourth stage: the fine limestone powder ground by the mill roller passes the purified airflow into the blower through the residual air pipe above the dust collector, the air path is circulated, and the circulating hot air passes through the bottom of the mill and lifts up the fine The fineness and fineness of the powder pass through the grading rotor blade on the top of the grinding mill and enter the pulse (bag) dust collector through the air pipe, and are packed in the next step.
How much is the calcium hydroxide production line equipment
How much is the calcium hydroxide production line equipment? To know the quotation, you need to provide two indicators of output and fineness of the powder. Our technicians will configure a complete set of equipment for the calcium hydroxide production line for you. For the specific price, you can call: 0086-18001642498 for the latest offer.