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What faults will occur in the limestone grinding mill? How to solve?

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Limestone powder has a wide range of applications. Different fineness and purity of limestone powder have different application fields and also require different milling equipment. If you want to process 150-325 mesh limestone powder for desulfurization or filling in power plants, you may use  limestone grinding mill, including Raymond mill, high pressure grinding mill, micro powder grinding mill, European version mill, Integrated suspension roller mill and other equipment. The mass production of these equipments is basically below 25t / h, so a larger mill is needed, and a vertical mill can be selected.
If I have a Raymond series mill with an output of 10t / h, will it be smooth in production and will it fail? It is normal for minor faults to occur in mechanical equipment, but major faults do not generally occur. The following aspects are possible:
1. The wear of flat keys or shafts, the rolling of stone into the inside of the wheel, the loosening of the tensioning sleeve of the flywheel wheel and the casting defects will cause the flywheel wheel to swing axially from side to side. During the production process, you must replace the flat key, eccentric shaft or flywheel or re-tighten the tension sleeve to avoid these equipment from working properly in the production line;
2. The anchor bolts are loose or broken, the position of the counterweight of the flying groove wheel is off, the mainframe foundation is unstable, and there is no vibration isolation measures. The high-speed mill equipment rack bounces seriously. Bolt or replace the broken bolt or remove the flywheel wheel shaft end cover, loosen the fly and sheave tensioner bolts, adjust the position of the fly and sheave weights, and then tighten the tensioner bolts and strengthen the foundation. Use sleepers or rubber cushions to solve this problem. During the production process, pay attention to inspection at all times. If you find out these reasons, you must solve them in time to prevent damage to the equipment and affect production.
Of course, there may be other failures of the limestone grinding mill, but the failure rate of the new equipment that is basically strictly out of the factory is less than 1%. The old equipment is difficult to say, depending on the equipment usage. In case of failure, find the cause and solve it in time.