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How to maintain the stone grinding mill when not in use

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As the saying goes, "Life is movement". The same is true for the stone grinding mill equipment. Just like a person who has been sitting and not exercising for a long time, can their physical health be guaranteed? Generally speaking, compared with the use of the machine, prolonged idle time is more likely to cause problems. So the question is, do you know how to maintain the machine when it is not in use?
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How to maintain the stone grinding mill machine when idle?

Machines are independent individuals. If they want to make greater use of them, they must be used in accordance with their rules, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Don't feel that maintenance is a waste of time. These small skills must be learned.

1. The idle milling machine must be placed in a ventilated and dry room to prevent some parts of the machine from aging due to moisture.

2. The parts of the mill are mostly made of iron and steel, so rust prevention is the top priority. It is necessary to repair the externally peeled paint. Some internal rollers, rings, blades and other accessories need to be buttered. To ensure its quality, so that operation will not be hindered during use.

3. When it is necessary to use the stone grinding mill, it is necessary to check and clean up again, letting off the cooling water in the engine, replacing the oil of the generator, filling up the fuel tank to prevent it from rusting, especially when turning on the equipment. Pay attention to the sequence of operations to avoid problems caused by unused equipment for a long time.