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What equipment is needed for the kaolin mill production line?

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Kaolin is a relatively common clay mineral with a high melting point, mostly white, and gray, yellow, etc. when there are impurities. Kaolin powder can be used in rubber, paper, medicine, ceramics and other fields. In order to improve the utilization rate of kaolin and increase economic benefits, Clirik has designed a kaolin grinding powder production line with high application value based on the current status of the kaolin plant. The output is high, the effect is good, and the operation is stable, which has been well received by customers.
Equipment required for kaolin grinding mill production line
The kaolin grinding powder production line equipment designed by our company includes jaw crusher, kaolin grinding mill, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, fan, powder separator and so on. According to the actual production needs of different customers, tailor-made equipment for your kaolin grinding powder production line.
kaolin grinding mill
Kaolin grinding powder production line features
1. Systematic, from raw ore crushing, grinding, to final collection and packaging, this series of processes can form an independent production system with strong operability and reduced workload;
2. The equipment selection is reasonable and appropriate, the production line area is reduced by 40%, the investment in transportation, installation and infrastructure construction is reduced by nearly 100,000 yuan, and the maintenance is more convenient;
3. Strong quality, stable operation, low failure rate, and 80,000 yuan reduction in operating costs;
4. Designed with dust-proof and noise-reduction system to avoid the impact of dust flying out on the environment, and at the same time control the operating noise within 62 decibels, which will not affect the surrounding people;
5. After milling, the fine kaolin powder has uniform texture, adjustable fineness, less impurities, and high purity. The pass-through rate reaches 99.99% and the application value is increased by 60%.
Kaolin grinding powder production line is a production line designed by Clirik according to the actual production needs of customers. You only need to send us the material fineness, output, site size, etc., professional technical staff will design it for you, please call us for details:008613917147829