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How much is a stone grinding mill?

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Nature has given mankind many resources, such as rich types of ore, which can be used in various industries such as construction, decoration, and chemical industry after processing, bringing profits to production enterprises and providing basic support for national economic construction. However, the large stones mined cannot be used directly, and need to be broken and polished to produce the finished products we need. With the development of industry, the use of ore powder is getting wider and wider. The process from large stones to ultra-fine powder is indispensable to the help of stone mills. Recently, many users are consulting stone grinding mills. Introduction.
stone grinding mill

What are the stone grinding mills? how to choose?

Stone-grinding machines generally refer to pulverizers. There are many types of grinders. Here are three types of Raymond mills, HGM micro powder grinding mills, and ultra-fine vertical roller mills that users choose. Performance and applicable customers.

Raymond Mill-cheap price, high cost performance

It is an earlier stone grinding mill, and it is the "basic" equipment in the mill. After many years of improvement and development, today's Raymond mill has a finer finished product, anywhere between 80-325 mesh. Adjustment, the finished product has uniform particle size, high screening rate, reasonable and compact structure design, strong sealing, and small dust pollution.
Raymond mill

HGM micro powder grinding mill-advanced performance, the choice of ultrafine powder

This is a relatively advanced equipment currently on the market. The current output is 1.3-40 tons, the fineness of the finished product can reach 1000 mesh, long life, continuous operation, low failure rate, advanced performance, easy operation, and wider application range. Users choose more.

Ultrafine Vertical roller mill-wide selection of finished products

Vertical ultra-fine mill, finished product 300-3000 mesh, shift production 0.42-45 tons, it can grind coarse powder of 300-1000 mesh, can also grind fine powder of 1000-3000 mesh, can meet different user needs, finished stone powder particle size Fine and granular shape, stable operation, high efficiency and large output.
ultra fine vertical roller mill

How much is a stone grinding mill?

Everyone knows that even if it is the same product, different manufacturers have different price positioning. For stone grinding mills, the equipment with the same output and performance on the market has different prices. For Clirik machines, the price of its Raymond mill is 40,000 US dollars, the price of HGM micro powder grinding mill is 60,000 US dollars, and the price of ultrafine vertical roller mill is 90,000 US dollars, and its price range is still very large. Yes, because each type of stone mill is divided into many models, the parameters of each model are different, and the price difference is also very large. Only accurate quotes can have a correct investment plan. You can click on the online consultation to obtain Specific equipment selection and quotation.

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