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Clirik limestone vertical mill production advantages

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With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements and standards in China, power plant desulfurization has become a must. Limestone powder is the main material for desulfurization. Limestone grinding mill has become an investment industry with great development prospects; at the same time, this desulfurization milling equipment Clirik responds to national environmental protection requirements, introduces new grinding technology at home and abroad, and introduces grinding systems for desulfurization of blast furnaces in power plants and steel mills --- Limestone Vertical Mill.

Clirik Power Plant Desulfurization Limestone Grinding Mill Production Line Case
Pakistan Desulfurized Limestone Powder Production Project
[Processing materials]: limestone
[Production Amount]: 12T / H
[Feeding granularity]: below 30mm
[Finished product fineness]: below 250 mesh
[Customer evaluation]: The project has been put into production for more than half a year, and there is no problem. We have been doing this business for some years, and the vertical mill is still quite famous. After using it, the name is well-deserved. Cooperating with a comparable company is enjoyable. There is less worry about downtime and shutdown, simple operation and easy maintenance, and profits have also risen.

Vietnam desulfurized limestone powder preparation project
[Equipment configuration]: 2 HGM80 ultrafine mills
[Processing materials]: limestone
[Production Amount]: 240-280T / H
[Feeding size]: ≤10mm
[Discharge granularity]: ≥325 mesh
[Customer evaluation]: We are very satisfied with the design scheme, production basis, equipment installation and commissioning operation. The production capacity, quality, and finished product specifications of the equipment have reached or even exceeded the requirements for use, far superior to the similar products we used before. Not long ago, our group was praised by the Prime Minister, and there is also a credit for Clirik!
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