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What grinding mill can use for grinding limestone to grind 2000 mesh powder?

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If you want to grind 2000 mesh powder, what kind of grinding mill can you use to achieve such fineness? For limestone, what kind of limestone grinding mill is good for grinding limestone? The two micro powder grinding mill equipment provided by Clirik are ideal fine powder deep-processing equipment, and are equipped with scientific configuration, increased production and efficiency, less electricity consumption, and a smaller footprint, making them more ideal production-increasing mill equipment.

What is limestone?

The physical properties of limestone are white powder on the surface, and the impure ones are off-white. When they contain impurities, they are light yellow or gray and hygroscopic. limestone is a block obtained by calcining the stone at high temperature, and quicklime powder is a fine powder obtained by grinding blocky quicklime. The main component is CaO.

limestone is highly hygroscopic and is a traditional desiccant.

limestone can make silicate products.

limestone can make carbonized lime board.

Calcium oxide generates calcium hydroxide after adding water, and its disinfection effect is related to the dissociated hydroxide ion and calcium ion.

What kind of grinding mill equipment is used for grinding limestone powder?

Clirik recommends two micro powder grinding mill equipment to meet customers' milling needs. Let's see what kind of mill is together.
limestone grinding mill

Micro powder grinding mill equipment for grinding limestone

Clirik has been intensively working in the field of milling machine development. Through painstaking research, he has produced a new generation of upgraded and innovative fine powder deep processing equipment, which has won the favor and praise of customers.

HGM Micro Powder Grinding Mill

For processing fine powder, Clirik's HGM ultra-fine ring roller mill is used to facilitate the grinding of 325-2500 mesh mineral powder. It has comprehensive mechanical crushing performance such as rolling, grinding and impact. The equipment has high grinding efficiency, large output, low energy consumption, environmental protection and noise reduction, large crushing ratio, high energy utilization rate, green and environmental protection, and low equipment wear. The shock absorption performance is good, and it is the equipment specially used in the fine powder deep processing market.
limestone grinding mill

CLUM ultrafine vertical mill

The ultra-fine vertical mill is a new type of upgraded high-definition vertical mill equipment developed by Clirik, which breaks through the disadvantages of traditional mills and achieves large-scale production of fine powder processing, suitable for the production of limestone and calcium carbonate. Ultrafine powder, calcite, marble, heavy calcium and other mineral powder processing fields. At present, the equipment has ideal grinding cases in many markets. According to customer feedback, the equipment has stable performance, high cost performance, large output, scientific equipment process, environmental protection and energy saving. It is a well-known market with high customer experience. High-definition vertical mill equipment.

What mill can be used to grind limestone? Clirik can provide special ultra-fine mill equipment to facilitate grinding and processing for the production needs of the fine powder market. Please feel free to know the details of the special ultra-fine vertical mill, vertical mill, Raymond mill and other equipment.

If you want to know the limestone grinding mill price or have any questions about limestone grinding mill, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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