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How to choose the 2nd-hand stone grinding machine

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Many people are fond of second-hand stone grinding machine because of its cheap price, purchasing near, quickly being applied to use. However, the second hand stone grinding machine still have its shortages. Take high pressure suspension stone grinding machine as an example, the second hand stone grinding machine is used, so we need analyze the reason why they stop use this machine.

1. Because of the capital fracture, they could not sustain and plan to sell out the whole set of stone grinding machine to ease the crisis. In this condition, people can accept this set.

2. It’s better not to purchase stone grinding machine uploaded from the production line. This kind of stone grinding machine must be existing problem, or it is aged.

3. The stone grinding machine owner knew another program but lacked of capital, so he decided to transfer.

4. The owner decided to expand scale of production. He needed bigger stone grinding machine, so he had to transfer the smaller one.

Second-hand stone grinding machine could provide profit under the successful condition. However the used stone grinding equipment have no after-sales service. If breaking down , it’s hard to fix. What’s more, the lifecycle of stone grinding equipment is 3-5 years. The stone grinding machine can bring out profit during the former 3 years. However, people usually choose to transfer stone grinding equipment after using 2years. What the machine brings out is little.

Above the reason, what we advise is purchasing new machine because of professionally after-sale service, and high profits.