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FAQ of main unit in Stone grinding machine (2)

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Attention: Ensure the stone grinding machine has been stopped before overhaul

Common Problem Reason Solution
Severe vibration of main unit

1.Foundation not flat; foundation bolts loose

2. Connection bolts loose

3.Ring and rollers are badly distorted

4. Processing materials are very hard, no lining

5.Feeing size is too big

1.Make foundation flat, Fasten the loose bolts

2. Fastenthe boose bolts

3.Replace ring and rollers

4. Reduce feeding size

5.Adjust crusher, feed smaller materials

Nylon stick broken frequently

1.Foundation bolts of motor or feducer loose

2. The reducer shaft pops up and downs

1.Correct the coupling concentricity and keep paralleled, fasten the loose bolts

2.The bearing is worn, replace the beraing, and adjust the gap between wheel gears

Abnormal sound inside the grinding  chamber

1.Crushing components loose

2.Hard materials enter into grinding chamber(such as parts, super hard impurities)

1.Shut down machine and fasten loose components

2.Shut down machine and find out reason, take out super hard impurities and take preventive measures

These are the common problems and solution of main unit in stone grinding machine. If you still have questions, please contact with us.

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