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Dolomite Vertical Roller Mill

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Dolomite vertical roller mill is another useful attempt of advanced equipment vertical roller mill in the dolomite milling field. Its advantages of high-efficiency milling, environmental protection and low carbon are also reflected in the dolomite milling field. To help the development of the dolomite milling industry. Shanghai Clirik carefully built CLUM vertical roller mill with strong single-unit production capacity, low unit energy consumption, high milling efficiency, superior powder quality, high-efficiency milling for materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and moisture within 15%. The ability to become the ideal dolomite dry grinding tool.

CLUM vertical roller mill

1. Capacity

Dolomite vertical mill has a strong production capacity of 5-700t/h unit capacity, which can realize large-scale milling. This is one of the most important dynamic performances in the market.

2. Energy consumption

Dolomite vertical mill is an energy-saving milling machine promoted by the state. It adopts the principle of scientific grinding, high milling efficiency, low valley electricity operation, low unit energy consumption, and energy consumption reduction of 40% compared with traditional ball mills. %, saving production costs.

3. Powder quality

Dolomite equipment vertical mill, equipped with high-quality classifier, stable particle size, finished product range of 80-60 mesh, for customers with ultra-fine powder processing needs, upgrade multi-head super-segment system, powder size up to 3 -45μm, fine powder size, high purity, high added value of products.