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What are Reasons of Abnormal Sound Inside the Grinding Charmber

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Abnormal using may result in varous problems. Today we will discuss about the stone grinding machine abnormal sound inside the grinding chamber. Why the abnormal sound occured and how to resolve the problem.

The causes of chamber abnormal sound:

1. Crushing components loose.

2. Hard materials enter into grinding chamber (such as parts, super hard impurities)

The ways to solve the problem:

1. Shut down the machine and fasten loose components.

2.Shut down machine and find out reason, take out super hard impurities and take preventive measures.

All right, chamber abnormal sound trouble we stop here. If the problem can not resolve, please contact the factory. Any questions or inquires will be highly regard.  Glad to hear your voices. We specialize in this field for serveral years with good quality and pretty competitive price. 

Should you have any questions of stone grinding machine, please feel free to contact us.