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Chalk Crusher And Chalk Mill-Necessary Mill Equipment For Chalk Processing

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Chalk crusher, chalk grinding mill-necessary mill equipment for chalk processing.

Chalk is a fine sediment of calcium carbonate, a variant of calcite, white or gray, with a hardness of 3, a specific gravity of 2.715g/cm3, and is opaque. As a mineral, chalk is generally used to make chalk and other products, but it is also used for other purposes. wide. The preparation and processing of chalk is inseparable from crushing equipment and milling equipment, so the chalk crusher and the chalk mill are two types of equipment to be used in its production. The following describes the chalk crusher and the chalk mill.


1. Chalk crusher

As chalk is a material with low mineral hardness, many equipment on its crushing equipment can be used, such as jaw crushers, cone crushers and impact crushers. Here is the chalk jaw crusher for users. Relying on the movable jaw plate to perform periodic reciprocating motion on the fixed jaw plate to achieve the crushing effect, the equipment has a deep crushing cavity and no dead zone. Compared with the traditional jaw crusher that has not been improved before, it improves the feeding capacity and output. , The adjustment range of the discharge opening becomes larger, which can meet more production requirements of different users. In addition, the equipment can save energy by 15% to 30%, and the system energy saving is more than doubled. There is no noise, and the production is stable. The chalk is broken, laying a good foundation for its subsequent processing.
jaw crusher for chalk

2. Chalk grinding mill

Generally, in order to obtain more purchases from users, chalk processing enterprises need to carry out finer-grained grinding processing for the preparation of chalk powder, so chalk grinding mills are very important. The chalk grinding mills produced by CLIRIK are mainly ultra-fine chalk mills, which have a finer powder size than Raymond mills. The production process has more technical content, and the configuration is more excellent. The finished chalk particles produced can reach a particle size of 425-3250 mesh. Especially for materials with the hardness of chalk, the grinding effect is better, the powder is uniform, and the equipment is efficient and energy-saving. For users, the system energy consumption of the chalk mill is lower than that of the jet mill, so the production cost is It can save on cost, and users can obtain higher economic benefits with less investment. Therefore, the chalk mill is an indispensable equipment for chalk processing powder.

ultrafine mill for chalk powder making

The advantages of chalk grinding mill

Chalk ultra-fine grinding or chalk mill equipment is used to process the crushed chalk with a finer particle size. After the chalk is processed by this equipment, its economic application and economic value have been improved, bringing more to users. High economic benefits, so the chalk mill can be demanded by many users, so which manufacturer on the market produces a good chalk mill, and where should we buy it?

1. Good workflow

The chalk pieces crushed by the chalk pulverizer are sent to the storage bin by the elevator, and then sent to the main machine grinding chamber of the ultrafine chalk grinding uniformly, continuously and quantitatively by the vibrating feeder, and the materials entering the grinding chamber are shoveled Shovel and send it between the grinding roller and the ring to be crushed and crushed. The fan blows the wind into the grinding chamber, and the powder is blown into the analyzer for sorting. The powder that does not meet the particle size requirements is returned to the grinding chamber. After being ground, qualified chalk powder enters into the cyclone powder collector of the finished product along with the airflow. After the fine powder is separated from the air, it is discharged from the discharge port to become the finished fine powder. The whole work flow is smooth, scientific and reasonable, and it is easy to make powder.

2. The finished product has good effect

After the chalk mill of Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is processed for the chalk, the finished product particle size can reach 30 meshes, generally up to 425 meshes, and sometimes the fineness can reach 3250 meshes. The particle size requirements of the powder can be adjusted between these, the produced chalk powder has a wider application range, the economic value has been improved, and the downstream sales market of the user is also broader, so the good effect of the finished product brings better to the user Income.

3. Good environmental protection economy

Now the mining machinery industry also needs to contribute to social benefits when it wins its own interest needs. When users are engaged in the production of ultra-fine chalk grinding, in order to create better environmental benefits, this milling equipment designed by CLIRIK uses The overlapping multi-pole sealed grinding device has good sealing performance and no dust pollution. It creates a better environment for the user’s production workshop and avoids the user’s overpayment for pollution. Therefore, the ultrafine chalk mill produced by CLIRIK is environmentally friendly and economical. 

The above three points still cannot fully explain the advantages of Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd.'s chalk ultra-fine mill equipment. It also has the advantages of preferential price and excellent production. Welcome to contact us for detailed chalking powder mill information