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Limestone mill for desulfurization

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Power plants choose limestone as the desulfurization curing agent based on the fact that limestone has a wide range of sources, low price, and high desulfurization efficiency.

Limestone powder for desulfurization requires a particle size of 250 mesh or 325 mesh (45 μm), of which 325 mesh limestone powder has a better desulfurization effect.

Power plants choose limestone as the desulfurization curing agent

Limestone pulverizing equipment for desulfurization

The equipment used in the limestone pulverizing system for desulfurization is: crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, and grinding mill.
The powder grinding mill with a powder separator inside does not need an external powder separator, which can make the process simpler.

Limestone powder processing flow for desulfurization

After the large limestone is crushed to the required size by the jaw crusher, it is sent to the storage hopper by the elevator, and then the vibrating feeder sends it uniformly and quantitatively to the main grinding chamber of the European mill for grinding. The ground limestone powder is blown up by the wind, and is classified by the classifier.

The limestone powder conforming to the fineness enters the new isolated cyclone powder collector with the airflow through the pipeline for separation and collection. The collected limestone powder products are sent to the stone powder bin by the conveying device through the discharge port for desulfurization.

After being separated by the separator, the unqualified particles are thrown to the wall of the cylinder, fall along the simple wall, and then return to the mill for grinding. The entire system runs under negative pressure, and the system dust does not overflow to ensure the cleanliness of the site.

Because the limestone entering the mill sometimes has a certain water content, the heat generated during grinding will turn it into water vapor, which increases the total amount of gas in the system.

At the same time, the total amount of gas in the system will increase due to the pipe joints or the air entering the system with limestone. The frictional heat during grinding also heats up the gas and expands its volume.

At this time, in order to maintain the negative pressure operation state of the system, the valve between the fan and the host can be opened to automatically introduce the excess gas into the pulse bag filter and be filtered out to ensure environmental protection.

3 kinds of grinding mill used for limestone powder for desulfurization

There are mainly the following types of mills suitable for processing 325 mesh limestone powder for desulfurization.

1. Raymond mill

Raymond mill has two models, the maximum feed size is 30mm, and the production capacity is 8-176 tons/day. Compared with other milling equipment, its advantages are stable performance, easy operation, and relatively cheap price. High cost performance, very popular with users.

Raymond mill
Parameters Table
Model Roller Ring Feeding
Mill System
Dimension (mm)
YGM7815 3 260 150 780 150 15 0.613-0.033 35.7 1.0-3.0 4300*3500*5100
YGM9517 4 310 170 950 170 25 0.613-0.033 72.65 2.1-5.6 7100*5900*7900
YGM1280 3 370 240 1170 240 20 0.613-0.033 145.15 4.5-12.0 9300*5600*8200
YGM1300 4 410 280 1270 280 20 0.613-0.033 202.15 6.5-16.0 9100*8200*8400
YGM1620 4 450 300 1500 300 20 0.613-0.033 322.2 8.0-20.0 12500*5700*10500
YGM1720 4 510 300 1720 300 35 0.613-0.033 450 10.5-28.0 11550*9500*10500

2. High pressure mill

High pressure mill can not only grind fine powder of 80-425 mesh, but also coarse powder of 30-80 mesh. It has a wider range of applications. The maximum feed size is 35 mm and the production capacity is 1.5-40t/h.

Parameters Table
Model Grinding Diameter(mm) Input Size(mm) Output Size(mesh) Power(KW) Capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension(mm)
YGM9720 970 20 80-600 97 1.5-7.5 8200*6010*7200
YGM1280 1280 20 80-600 145 2-10 8500*7500*8200
YGM1300 1300 20 80-400 222 2-14 10100*9300*8330
YGM1620 1620 30 80-400 322 2.5-18 10250*8090*10510
YGM1720 1720 35 80-325 442 6-30 12500*12250*10400
YGM2150 2150 35 80-325 572 12-40 12000*11600*11000

3. Three-ring medium-speed micro powder grinding mill

Three-ring medium-speed micro powder grinding mill contains a powder classifier and an analyzer, with high efficiency. The finished product of this product is more detailed, up to 3000 mesh. Three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding powder is more refined, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The maximum feed size is 20mm, and the production capacity is 0.5-45t/h, which is very suitable for high-volume ultra-fine powder operations.

Three-ring medium-speed micro powder grinding mill

Parameters Table
Model HGM80 HGM80A HGM90L HGM100L-Ⅱ HGM100P HGM125L HGM1680L
Ring Diameter(mm) 800 800 900 1000 1000 1250 1680
Ring Number (PCS) 3 3 4 4 4 4 4
Input Size (mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤15 ≤15 ≤20 ≤20
Output Size (mesh) 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000
Capacity (t/h) 0.5-5.5 0.5-5.5 0.8-6.5 1.2-10 1.2-11 2.5-20 5-45
Outlet Size L*W*H (mm) 8605*4139*6050 10454*3393*6626 11735*3952*7525 14507*3633*7562 14362*4200*7562 19261*4406*8591 25067*5414*9007
Main motor power (kw) 75 75 55*2 132/75*2 132/75*2 185 315