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Spodumene Stone Powder Grinding Mills

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Spodumene grinding mill is a kind of milling machine used to process spodumene powder from 150 mesh to 800 mesh.

Compared with traditional stone mills, spodumene mills are relatively rare. Today, we will introduce the spodumene milling in Inner Mongolia that has gradually emerged in recent years. From the origin and use of spodumene to processing technology and equipment selection, we will give you a multi-faceted interpretation.

What is spodumene?

Spodumene is mainly produced in granite pegmatite veins and is the most important source of physical industrial minerals. It is a characteristic mineral in lithium-rich granite pegmatite. Unlike other minerals in the pyroxene group, spodumene is one A kind of pegmatite mineral, often associated with crystal, tourmaline, beryl, etc.


What are the uses of spodumene?

Spodumene belongs to the monoclinic crystal system, and the crystals are often columnar, granular or plate-shaped. The color is off-white, gray-green, purple or yellow, etc., and the hardness is 6.5-7. It is the main raw material for lithium chemical products and is widely used in the lithium chemical industry, glass, metallurgy, and ceramic industries. It enjoys the reputation of "industrial monosodium glutamate".

What are the main producing areas of spodumene?

The main sources of spodumene are Australia, Canada, Finland, etc. Among them, the reserves of the Greenbush granite pegmatite deposit in the western Persian region of Australia's spodumene are the largest in the world.

What is the processing technology of spodumene?

As the main source of lithium, spodumene is mainly processed into spodumene powder for ceramics, metallurgy, porcelain picking, special glass, chemical industry and other fields, and its current application in new energy vehicles has also received widespread attention. According to the requirements of these industries, spodumene is often made into 30-300 mesh spodumene powder as a raw material or medium. Therefore, the hectorite generally needs to be milled, and it needs to be milled with a mill.

The spodumene grinding process includes raw material crushing, conveying, and pulverizer grinding. Among them, the mill is the main process and equipment. There are many types of spodumene powder mills generally used to process 80-600 mesh. Specifically, there are coarse powder mills, which can process coarse powders of 30-80 mesh, and the new Raymond mill, which can process fine powders of 80-600 mesh. Both of these equipments are widely used in the spodumene grinding process. In addition to equipment selection, because the industry is still developing, many mill manufacturers do not have a deep understanding of the properties of spodumene, and it is particularly important to choose a professional manufacturer at this time.

Commonly used spodumene grinding mill

1. YGM Raymond grinding mill

2. HGM micro powder grinding mill

In short, it is very important to choose a manufacturer with rich experience in spodumene milling. You can submit the requirements for output, incoming and outgoing material size, finished product fineness and other requirements to the manufacturer, and they will provide professional design and selection, and then do more Comparative analysis, combined with on-site inspections, make a relatively scientific choice.