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Presentation of Stone Powder Machine Cooling System

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For stone powder machine, cooling system/heat-removal system is an important issue. Once the stone powder device start fast running, the various components of the machine change heat rapidly. If the heat issue can not solve in time, it will bring serious damage to the device.


To some extent, cooling system determines the stability of stone powder machine and accessories operating lifetime. First, starting from the machine castings. Castings consist of many alloying elements, which is the source of stone powder machine running fever.


stoen powder machine.gif


It had proved that if the castings contain high quantity carbon, the speed of casting heating can be prevented to some extent. But it does not solve the problem fundamentally. So Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. technical experts are studying how to control the operating temperature of the stone powder machine, which is significant for guaranteeing the stability of the machine running.


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