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powder modifying machine

hot temperature and different modifying agent, impove powder compatibility, enhance binding force of interfaces
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Brief introduction of Powder Modifying Machine:

The mineral powder surface modifying, widely used in the fields of non-metal stuffing or pigment like plastic, rubber, adhesive, macromolecule materials, high polymer composite, functional materials and dope industries, is an outcome of the development of new and high technology nowadays  It can not only improve the compatibility of both non-organic mineral stuff and organic high polymer, enhance binding force of interfaces, rise the mechanical strength and comprehensive ability, but also increase the stuffing ability of powdr,save product cost and add special physical and chemical property to the product to some extent. For resolving the above-mentioned problem in production, this high efficiency equipment SLG powder surface modifying machine is recommended by our company as a result of hard research work.
Working Principle of Powder Modifying Machine:
The powder surface treatment is completed mainly by means of three modifying rollers. The dry powder and dosed agent are put into modifying rollers simultaneously. With high speed rotation, the materials and agent is running in the form of fluidizing vortex. The modification is completed with the heat generated by high speed shearing, colliding and friction among the rotor, stator and the powder.
Advantages of Powder Modifying Machine:
1, Continuous operation, large capacity, suitable for industrialization production in various scale.
2, High use and less consumption of modifying agent high covering and active index of power,energy saving.
3, Both modifying and dispersion function, suitable for any fine materials, special active effect for material with small proportion and big cubage weight like white carbon, mica powder and talcum powder.
4, Powder and agent mixing and running in high speed and vortex, high modifying efficiency, with little change of granulate shape.
5, Running at vacuum, air tight, no dust leakage, no pollution, good operation condition, low labor intensity.
6, Operating in heat and cold conditions, no additional heating or cooling system required, easy operation.
7, Independent fluid and non-fluid agent adding system for continuous, stable and even operation.