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Air Converying System

takes Roots blower as the air source, is designed specifical for close distance and continuous transporting.
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Product Introduction of Air conveying system:
Air conveying system, which takes Roots blower as the air source, is designed specifical for close distance and continuous transporting. Transporting distances is generally horizontal distance≤ 300m, vertical distance 30m. It is suit for conveying powder specific gravity ≤1.3, fineness≥60 mesh, moisture content≤5%, under the highest instantaneous temperature≤250℃working conditions, the maximum throughput is 60 t/h. It also can be used in the nesting conditions for single-point or multi-point requirements. The equipment is with long life, low operation and maintenance costs, small size, easy controlling, widely used in mining, building materials, coal, chemical and other industries.
Working principle of Air conveying system:
Air delivery system uses the principle of gas-solid flow fluidization, jet technology, combined with differential pressure principle, to finish this working progress. Taking the electric rotary feeder as the feeding device, the material evenly is put into the mixing chamber. At the same time, the Roots blower jet the high-speed air flow of materials into the acceleration chamber, the suspended flow into the conveying pipeline transport to in silos, according the separated by the feed gas, powder fall under silo gases into atmosphere, in order to achieve a powder material handling purposes.
Advantages of Air conveying system:
1. Variable arrangement of the pipe makes the production craft process more reasonable.
2. The system is sealed and lead to few flying dust, it benefit for environment protection.
3. Few movement parts, convenient maintenance, automatic control can be realized easily.
4. High efficiency of transportation reduce the cost of packing, loading and unloading.
5. Make the material avoid being damped, polluted, damaged, and mixed with other material, the quality of conveying is assured.
6. Various operation processes can be realized meanwhile for the conveying, such as mixture, crush, grade, dryness cooling, and dust collection.
7. Send the material from couple place to one place and from one place to couple place, realize far distance operation.
8. For the material with erratic chemical character, can adopt inertia gas conveying.