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Pyrophyllite Powder Making Machine Stone Grinding Mill

Pyrophyllite Powder Making Machine Stone Grinding Mill
Finished powder size:  80-600 mesh
Capacity: 1.5-40 t/h
Available materials: pyrophyllite, limestone, dolomite,  barite, quartz
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Finished powder size:  80-600 mesh
Capacity: 1.5-40 t/h
Available materials: pyrophyllite, limestone, dolomite,  barite, quartz...

Pyrophyllite Stone Powder Grinding Mill


Pyrophyllite stone is a kind of clay ore.

It can be used as a fireproof material, ceramics and carving materials. It can also be used as a filler for rubber products, cosmetics, pesticides, etc., and can be used to make white cement. It can also be used as paint, which is the raw material for making siding.

Working principle

In the main machine of the pyrophyllite mill, the grinding roller assembly is suspended on the grinding roller hanger through a cross arm shaft.
The grinding roller hanger is fixedly connected with the main shaft and the blade holder.
The pressure spring is pressed on the outer end surface of the cantilever of the grinding roller bearing chamber.
The cross arm shaft is used as the fulcrum to force the grinding roller to press tightly on the inner surface of the grinding ring.
When the main motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the transmission device, the blade mounted on the blade holder rotates synchronously with the grinding roller, and the grinding roller is grinding.
The inner circle of the ring rotates around its own axis while rolling.
The motor drives the analyzer to rotate through the transmission device. The higher the speed of the impeller, the finer the pyrophyllite powder is sorted.
In order to ensure that the mill works under negative pressure, the increased air flow is discharged into the bag filter through the residual air pipe between the fan and the main engine, and then discharged into the atmosphere after being purified.

Characteristics of pyrophyllite stone powder grinding mill

1. High output: the output of this model is more than 50% higher than the output of traditional Raymond mills .

2. Large conveying capacity: the air blower adopts a high-pressure centrifugal fan, and the air volume and air pressure increase, which greatly improves the pneumatic conveying capacity.

3. High classification precision: the classifier adopts the built-in squirrel cage cone turbine classifier, and the finished product granularity can be adjusted arbitrarily within 80-500 mesh.

4. The main engine structure is advanced: the main engine adopts the buffer device, the main engine cover structure is optimized design, the operation is stable and the noise is low; the main engine and the classify machine adopt the quick change pressing device, which is convenient for maintenance.

5. Curved non-resistance air duct: The air duct adopts a curved non-resistance air duct design to reduce wind resistance, reduce air volume loss, and make material flow direction good, thereby increasing the analyzer's powder selection rate.

6. New grinding roller device: The grinding roller device adopts a new maintenance-free structure, and the sealing is reliable. The bearings are lubricated with oil, low fuel consumption and low maintenance cost.

7. Large amount of shovel: The blade is optimized to allow the maximum amount of material to be fed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring for grinding. The blade is made of alloy steel and is durable.