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Stone grinding machine for dolomite in steel industry

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Last year we have cooperated with one company in Shanxi. They has put HGM125 into use. It mainly used to grind dolomite for ore powder additives.

Dolomite is an important additive in iron and steel smelting industry. With the developing of our iron and steel industry, the demand for dolomite is increasing gradually.

In smelting iron and steel industry, dolomite powder is added as magnesia slagging agent, to combine unwanted or harmful associated elements such as silicon, aluminum, sulfur, phosphorus smelted. For this industry, the higher the fineness is, the better the liveness is. Some grinding machine may add some new impurities into the ultra fine dolomite powder, which impacts the quality of the iron and steel. However, our stonegrinding machine consider this point and designed a new process to clean impurities.

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