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talc stone grinding machine in cosmetic industry

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talc stone grinding machine


Cosmetic is an important part in women’s life. It not only can protect people’s skin, but also make them more beautiful. Almost every woman use cosmetic everyday. Cosmetic owned a huge market in the world.

People use cosmetic everyday ,but they may don’t know how to make cosmetic. Cosmetic include many chemicals and additives. Among them, talc powder is necessary. Talc powder is used to be added in cosmetic because of its lubrication, adhesion resistance, softness, good hiding powder, good gloss, stong adsorption force physical and chemical properties. Many foundation, eye shadow, blush daub looks very smooth on skin. The reason is that the talc powder plays an important role.

Many people said that they didn’t feel talc powder but their face look smooth. In fact, these talc powder are deep-processed by stone grinding machine, so it’s hard to feel talc powder existing.

With the cosmetic industry’s developing, the demanding is higher and higher for some important stone powder. As an important grinding equipment, stone grinding machine plays an significant role in cosmetic industry. 

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