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1000mesh Titanium Dioxide stone grinding plant

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stone grinding machine

Titanium dioxide, also known as titianium oxide or titania, is the naturally occuring oxide of titanium. Genarally it is sourced from ilmenite, rutile and anatase. It has a wide range of applicaiotn, from paint to sunscreen to food colouring. The most important application areas are paints and varnishes as well as paper and plastics: They process about 80% of the world's titanium dioxide consumption. Other pigment applications like printing inks, fibers, rubber,cosmetic products and foodstuffs account for another 8%. The rest is used in other applications. for instance the production of technical pure titanium, glass and glass ceramics, electrical ceramics.

Titanium dioxide stone grinding machine is specializing in grinding powder titanium dioxide. The granularity of the finished powder size can be adjusted between 5-47micron. Examples of processing materials include quartz, feldspar, barite, calcite carbontae, limestone, talc, ceramic, iron ore, carborundum, bauxite, rock phosphate, coal and other materials, total about 400kinds of materials.