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How to choose Stone Pulverizer depending on the material?

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Stone Pulverizer is a large grinding machinery, when purchasing stone pulverizer, there are a lot of factors to consider: manufacturers factors, mechanical factors and so manufacturers consider integrity, scale, etc., for mechanical quality performance works, whether the nature of the materials is suit for this Stone Pulverizer.

There are many Stone Pulverizer in mining machinery industry, professional processing coarse Raymond mill, professional ultrafine Stone Pulverizer. How to choose a suit Stone Pulverizer depending on the material?
SHANGHAI CLIRIK machine Co., Ltd. is a professional Stone Pulverizer manufacturers, and then how to choose a suitable Stone Pulverizer according to the material, clirik will explain for you, if your milling material hardness can select six less ultrafine Stone Pulverizer, ultrafine Stone Pulverizer equipment processing materials fineness can be adjusted between 325 mesh -3000 mesh, if your hardness of raw materials in the nine , then you can choose a high-pressure Raymond mill equipment, high pressure mill equipment, these are based on the specific circumstances of a specific analysis.
When Selecting Stone Pulverizer, the following factors also need to pay attention to:
1,The total production of finished and grading requirements, to select the type and production capacity of the Stone Pulverizer;
2 the physical properties of the materials, such as fragility, viscous, water sediment content and the maximum size of the feed and the like;
3,The technical and economic indicators do both to meet the quality and quantity requirements, easy to operate, reliable work, but also to maximize cost savings; Stone Pulverizer is a large investment, customer choice, must be careful.