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The production process of potassium feldspar

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K-feldspar superfine powder production process: potassium feldspar raw materials-hand selected – broken-grinding one- classification- dehydration -finished product, the process applies to low iron content, and good quality raw materials.

Mentioned ceramic we would say that K-feldspar, it has a low melting point molten long interval, the melt viscosity, the blank ceramic, ceramic glazes, glass, porcelain, and abrasive materials are widely used in industrial sectors. The following clirik stone grinder experts introduce the production process of the K-feldspar in detail.

Pre-crusher for coarse crushing and fine crushing in order to prevent the contamination of the processing of iron K-feldspar, so choose stone grinder easy turbines, pebble mill or porcelain ball mill, ultrafine mill etc. as grinding mining equipment, spiral classifier ensure product granularity. Simple process, less investment, the disadvantage of this process is that the the product iron content indicators difficult to meet the requirements of high-quality ceramic products. In order to overcome the shortcomings of the process, increasing the magnetic separation process, proved choose wet high gradient magnetic separator effect in addition to iron, iron removal efficiency of 70% -90%.