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New feldspar stone powder grinder mill production systerm

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The introduction of feldspar

Feldspar between 1100-1300 ℃, melting point of 2.55 2.67 g/cm3 density, burning vector 0.54, fluctuations in 6-6.5 hardness, good chemical stability, it is often used in the manufacture of glass and ceramic glaze of flux, and can reduce the sintering temperature, the enamel raw material feldspar and other minerals industry raw material can be mixed enamel.In addition, feldspar can be used in abrasive industry

feldspar stone powder grinder

Feldspar stone powder grinder mill/grinding machine:Feldspar there are four main components: barium calcium feldspar, sodium feldspar, feldspar, feldspar. A kind of containing silicon oxide, also contain aluminum elements inside.

Feldspar stone powder grinder mill is a special is currently on the market feldspar stone processing equipment, at the same time, the device can also be widely used in calcite, barite, calcium carbonate, dolomite and other hardness less than 6 degrees below the stone of ultrafine powder, fineness of up to 3000 mesh, more can be adjustable freely between 325-3000 mesh, the equipment is simple to operate, low noise, and equipped with pulse dust catcher and effective to prevent the pollution, make the equipment more environmentally friendly. The newest HGM10036 model product but also on the yield and fineness has reached the domestic first place, the international leading position.

Clirik is a professional Feldspar stone powder grinder mill equipment manufacturers, and its Feldspar stone powder grinder mill production line including: the host of the whole structure, analysis, piping device, blower, jaw crusher machine, bucket elevator, hopper, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, distribution cabinet and other components. Feldspar stone powder grinder mill is the production on behalf of equipment, energy efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning is the device of choice for the majority of silica application providers, If you want to know the Feldspar stone powder grinder mill price or have any questions about Feldspar stone powder grinder mill please do not hesitate to contact us.

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