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How much the fineness of 325 mesh dolomite stone powder making machine

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 Fineness of 325 mesh dolomite powder production equipment can be used Clirik stone powder making machine for processing. First, dolomite powder fineness of 325 mesh or more is not too high, Clirik stone powder making machine has many models and specifications for processing dolomite, limestone, talc, illite, barite, gypsum, phosphate rock, etc. 

How much the stone powder making machine

How much the Clirik stone powder making machine production line equipment ? 

In dolomite machining process, the proposed multi broken less grinding, so on the one hand to reduce input costs, on the other hand can accelerate productivity, reduce equipment wear, so as to bring greater benefits. First, the material transported through the vibrating screen into the crusher crushing, gring machine and then enter, when the main motor power after gear reducer, the central axis of the drive shaft and is fixed at the center of rotation of plum frame, roller in under the effect of centrifugal force about the central axis, but also about the axis parallel to the swing supporting, so that the roller pressed against the grinding ring outwardly parallel to the grinding roller and the grinding ring to ensure maximum surface contact. Meanwhile roller mill rolls around its axis, so that the material reaches the shovel blade crushing and grinding in the meantime, the ground powder is blown blower airflow analysis for screening machine at the top, who are still too coarse granularity fall host cavity regrinding, granularity in line with the airflow required to enter the big cyclone collector, collected by the powder discharge pipe is finished. 

How much the stone powder making machine? Different regions and different manufacturers prices are different, can not be generalized. Welcome to the online consultation.