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How to Install Stone Powder Making Machine

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Yesterday, our engineer came back from America, having helped a customer to install the stone powder making machine. And the engineer share with us some experience and tips about install the stone powder making machine.

Here is the advice, he said,"Please follow the below instructions before installation.
stone powder making machine
Check if all the equipment parts are in good condition before installation, particularly check driving mediums for damage or breakage, inspect installed and welded parts for out of shape, check fasteners in the component parts if they get loose.
Check to ensure there aren’t any screws, nuts and tools in the grinding mill.
When connecting inlet and outlet pipes, the flanges should be paralleled and fitted well. Asbestos cords should be used to keep airproof at connecting point. All fasteners and connecting pieces should be fastened well. Seal bolts connections by sealants.The cables shall meet the requirements of every motor rated current.”
Ensuring everything above with no problem, the installation will be no problem. More information about the stone powder making machine, feel free to consult us by email or online chatting.