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Stone powder making machine failures and solutions

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Stone powder making machine :

stone powder making machine



Common Problem



stone powder making machine 

The temperature of bearing is too high

1.     Overloaded

2.     Main unit, classifier bearings are not well lubricated.

3.     The deflection of rollers, vibration, and abnormal sound occurred.

4.     Bearing installation error

1.     Reduce feeding amount, keep the input and output be balanced against each other.

2.      Fill oil timely.

3.     Open the machine to check if rollers and shafts are seriously worn out; replace spare parts according to the situation.

4.     Re-install main unit, adjust the bearing gap to ensure proper bearing load.

Processing materials fall out

1.     Overfeeding.

2.     Input and output quantities are not balanced.

1.     Stop feeding, until the current resume to normal, then start vibrating feeder again;

2.     Adjust feeding and classifier, stabilize the current of the blower, balance input and output of processing materials.

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