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low scale silica grinding mill for making glass

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 Silica is widely used as a raw material to the glass industry, and silica is often used on industrial grinding mill,silica powder processing raw materials in order to obtain ultrafine silica dioxide. Industrial demand for silica is relatively large. Currently, Shanghai Clirik grinding mill Machinery Co., Ltd. has received a lot of customer case of silica project, from the number of customers can be seen in the relatively favorable case for silica industry, mainly in the industrial application of silica general increase in national attention for the silica industry has improved significantly, while the silica glass manufacturing industry investment. Such as: Guangzhou silica customers reflect our recent acquisition of Guangzhou fine silica powder market is very hot, many mine owners also want to process silica.

Then fine silica powder glass grinding mill industry, we need to know the following questions: 

First:what silica powder fineness can be made of glass?

Second:Which the  grinding mill equipment can process silica?    

Shanghai Clirik Grinding Mill Machine plant engineers answer these questions for you .

General fineness fine silica powder used to make glass requirements in more than 800 mesh. The higher the fineness of the better, we are often able to see the processing of high-purity glass customers,some customers demand the fineness of the silica is relatively high, and above the general requirements for 1250 meshes.

Silica grinding equipment you can choose to Shanghai Clirik Grinding Mill Machine, ultrafine mill.

Due to the hardness of the silica is relatively large, an ordinary grinding mill for silica helpless, and it is often caused serious roller wear, unnecessary losses to customers.Shanghai Clirik Grinding Mill adopts international advanced wear-resistant materials consumable parts such as grinding roller mill ring, making the hardware part of the mill's more wear and extend the life so as to achieve the effect. At the same time, the ring roller mill for grinding silica, quartz and other hard materials made of special heat treatment, processing of silica is more handy. More important is the company's grinding mills in the country have a large number of customers on-site processing of silica, which provides guidance and practical field experience and existing technical training for customers to purchase the grinding mill, so that customers do not worry about the silica grinding mill in the future.

Shanghai Clirik is a professional grinding mill manufacture in China.and our stone grinding mill machine,our service and the quality of stone grinding mill,it is very important for you to choose and buy the ultrafine mill,if you need ,we will service for you.