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How to Prolong the Lifetime of Stone Grinding Mill?

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Stone grinding mill is equipment for processing ore class of materials, regardless of what kind of equipment, at least there is a period of use, the arrival of this period there will be all kinds of problems, how to solve this problem, you want a reasonable solution of this problem, we need to add some basic knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of stone grinding mill outside, learn and acquire more small ways and tips on extending the life of the stone grinding mill.
First, there should be a fixed charge of personnel, the operator must have a certain level of technology, before installing the operating stone grinding mill, in the customs personnel must conduct technical training to understand the principle of the performance of the stone grinding mill, familiar procedures. To make the stone grinding mill work, we should develop equipment "maintenance safe operation of the system" can ensure the long-term safe operation of the stone powder mill, at the same time, we have the necessary repair tools and grease fittings. So, stone grinding mill equipment operator skill possess the knowledge and skills.
Using the stone grinding mill for some time, so it should be checked in various parts of the it, and see if there is the case of serious wear and tear, faulty maintenance needs in a timely manner, and to solve them. The best is to have a complete inspection and maintenance program, so that the timing of regular checks. This is the stone grinding mill equipment maintenance issues now.
For some stone grinding mill, it has a relatively high degree of wear parts must be replaced in time, if the degree of wear parts are not so big, we must make a timely maintenance, so as to ensure that it does not fail at work. Generally in the course of the stone grinding mill equipment no matter which part of a problem, must be resolved in a timely manner, do not cause unnecessary losses due to an oversight.
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