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How to do daily maintain for stone grinding plant

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It’s very important to keep daily maintain for stone grinding plant. There are three factors to ba paid attention.

1. According to rules and factories’ advice, the spare should be replaced in time. As high energy consumption equipment, stone grinding plant consume large amounts of electricity. At the same time, stone grinding plant itself has serious abrading. According to the different raw material, the spares of stone grinding plant have different changing time.

2. According to the instruction, goose should be changed in time. All the stone grinding plants have a stong lubricating system. Goose is regarded as blood of system. In thestone grinding plant working time, changing goose in time do not only reduce energy consumption effectively, but also extend the life span of stone grinding equipment.

3. As possible as you can choose a dry, ventilated place. It’s better to make measure to prevent from rain. Crusher and stone grinding plants are made in steel. That’s to say, the equipment are easy to rust. And the serious rusting could affect the life span of products.