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How to extend the service life of stone powder machine?

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As we all know, the stone powder machine is very important in the development of the mining machinery industry. The stone powder machine is mainly used for grinding and processing calcite, limestone, marble, dolomite, calcium carbonate and other minerals.  Shanghai Clirik as a professional stone powder machine manufacturer , the production of high pressure grinding mill, micro powder grinding mill, and raymond mill and other equipment, because of its efficient performance, is deeply concerned in the development of the mining industry. 

stone powder machine
While there may be some problems in the mill process, so how to extend the service life of the stone powder machine? 
1.In the process of stone powder machine, the permanent staff should be responsible for the supervision, operators must have certain technical skills. Prior to the installation of the stone powder machine, Technical training must be carried out for the operator to understand the principles of the stone powder machine and the operating procedures. 
2.In order to make the stone powder machine work properly, the equipment "maintenance safety operation system" should be developed to ensure the long-term safety operation, at the same time, it must has necessary repair tools and grease fittings.
3.After a period of time use the stone powder machine, the mill should be repaired, in the meantime, repair and replacement of such vulnerable parts as grinding rollers, grinding rings and shovels, the grinding roller should be examined carefully before and after the use of the bolt nut, whether it is loose and the grease is added.
4.When the grinder is used for more than 500 hours, the grinding rollers are replaced, the roller bearings must be cleaned, the damage parts should be replaced, The refuelling tool can be used by hand pistols or grease gun.