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What should we do if the stone grinding mill is defective?

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stone grinding mill

In the process of grinding materials, the role of the classifier is to grade the material after grinding, to separate the powder from the mixture of the required fineness, however, it is inevitable that there will be a failure of the stone grinding mill powder separator in actual production, so what should be done if the stone grinding mill is defective?

Normally, in the traditional stone grinding mill, the liquid level and pressure are all constant pressure control technology to ensure the good separation effect of powder from classifier. In the production of material grinding powder, to find out the failure of the stone grinding mill and turn off the power immediately, Then check the poller carefully to see if there are significant changes in the liquid level and pressure. When adjusting the pressure of the stone grinding mill, pay attention to the change of the properties of the material in the stone grinding mill and the change of the indoor temperature. In the process of hydraulic adjustment of the separator, the hydraulic position should not be less than one half and not exceed one third. 
The stone grinding mill is one of the core parts of the whole equipment, and the probability of failure is also greater in the process of running. In the production of stone grinding mill, the simple maintenance can not be solved effectively once the powder selection problem occurs. 
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