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Material particles too large will not help the normal work of the Stone grinding mill

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 With the rapid development of grinding mill industry,stone grinding mill performance is also greatly improved, to grinding the types of materials are more and more,the stone grinding mill still has some constraints in the use of the process,such as into the stone grinding mill material particles can not be too large.For these problems, the user to buy stone grinding mill, we CLIRIK MACHINERY staff has been explained, but the user will certainly have questions, what influences the feed material too big will cause for stone grinding mill?

stone grinding mill

When the large pieces of material into the stone grinding mill grinding chamber, the machine's material handling capacity in certain circumstances, with the continuous input of the material,It will lead to the processing capacity of the equipment can not keep up with the output of the material,so that these materials have been accumulated in the Grinding chamber, leading to the product’s powder channel is blocked,resulting in serious production failure.Therefore, if the material is too large may lead to stone grinding mill blockage, thus hinder production.

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