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What's the Price of 15 t/h Raymond Mill

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In the mining equipment industry, Raymond mill covered about 90% of the powder making industry. From metal ore milling to non-metallic ore milling, from mineral processing base materials to deep processing of finished products, Raymond machines are inseparable. The model and model of the Mongolian machine indicate the price difference. Then, how much is the 15 ton Raymond machine? Can be explained from the following aspects

Raymond mill

1. First of all, we need to determine which kind of material processing the customer needs. The processing range of Raymond mill is very wide, the hardness is different, the fineness is different, and the output is also very different. For example, the processing of limestone can select 5R when the output is 15 tons. Series, because limestone is low in hardness and easy to grind, in addition, the processed limestone powder application will not require too high fineness; if it is processing barite or feldspar, it is necessary to select 6R series when producing 15 tons. The hardness of the ore is high, the fineness of the powder is required to be used, and the output of the Raymond mill is not too high.

2. There is a difference in the production capacity of Raymond mill for each series and each model. Generally speaking, the output of the 3R series Raymond mill is between 0.5-4.5 tons, and the output of the 4R series Raymond mill is between 3-8 tons. The 5R series and 6R series belong to the large Raymond machine model, and the output is mostly between 10-25 tons. However, if the powder size required by the customer is too high, even the largest 6R175 Raymond mill can't be worn. Tons of production.

3. Different manufacturers, the production technology of Raymond mill is also very different, large manufacturers and enterprises have strong technical force, the interpretation of the equipment is almost full, but it also affects the production capacity of the equipment, so the customer is choosing When buying, compare with many parties, choose some regular, technically good manufacturers to cooperate, which can guarantee the output and save a lot of trouble.