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Why does stone grinding machine's main unit cause leak

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Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd is specializing in research, manufacture and sales of all kinds of stone grinding machine. Our products have grinding line, grinding mill series, micro grinding mill series. After long using, the machine alway cause some problems, if not maintained in time. Sometimes, it would leak oil. These kind of problems are easy to deal with. Now, Clirik tell you how to better use stone mill equipment to avoid to damage the machine.


Many parts of our stone mill equipment have adopted advanced oil gland equipment, if the oil gland is damaged, or broken by high pressure oil gun when refueling, which are main factors causing leaking. Besides, the oil viscosity is large, oil pump without cleaning up oil will cause that bearing lack of oil and increasing temperature. The clients should obey the demanding of instruction to refuel, according to the grinding mill mode instruction which has a definite requirement for the mark and viscosity of oil. The conveyor equipment heat, which makes the nylon stick is broken. The reducer and electorial machine is connected by coupling, and the nylon stick is fixed in the middle to protect the coupling. Once center distance of coupling is not controlled, the nylon stick are easy to be twist off, and the grinding mill would stop work.

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