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What kind of ultra-fine mill is used for making barite ultra-fine powder?

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Barite is a common non-metallic mineral resource widely used in oil well drilling, medicine, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields. Today, with the vigorous development of mining equipment, the powdering efficiency of barite has also been greatly improved and become an expansion Advanced equipment in the field of barite application. Clirik, a manufacturer of ultrafine grinding mechanism powder for barite, is customer-centric and resolutely market-oriented, producing high-quality ultrafine grinding mechanism powder equipment for barite, which has become an advanced equipment to satisfy the market of barite.
Clirik barite ultrafine powder mill equipment has comprehensive mechanical crushing performance such as rolling, grinding and impact. It is the first choice for processing 325-2500 mesh high-quality powder. In the field of environmental protection, the equipment is equipped with advanced pulse dust collectors. The dust collection efficiency is as high as 99% or more, which is the first choice equipment for realizing dust-free processing workshop.
barite ultrafine powder mill
Clirik barite ultrafine grinding mechanism powder equipment: HGM barite ultrafine ring roller mill
〖Maximum size of grinding material〗: ≤10mm
〖Entire power〗: 144-680KW
〖Weight of the whole machine〗: 17.5-70KW
〖Production capacity〗: 1-22t / h
〖Finished product size〗: 0.04-0.005mm
The advanced barite ultrafine grinding mill is not only a device to enhance the application value of barite, but also an efficient powder milling equipment that helps companies improve their market competitiveness. In the field of barite, Clirik is constantly pursuing excellence and excellence. Produce high-quality barite ultrafine powder, which greatly meets the market demand, welcome to inquire and negotiate, contact hotline: 008613917147829.