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How much is a set of stone powder grinding mill equipment?

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In recent years, with the increasing demand for various types of high-standard stone powder, the establishment of a stone powder factory has become a very promising investment project. What can be done by grinding the stone into powder? What equipment is needed for making stone powder? How much is a set of equipment? These are the issues that many users who want to make stone powder are more concerned about.
stone powder grinding mill equipment

What can be done by grinding the stone into powder?

In nature, there are many materials that can be ground into powder, such as grinding calcite, limestone, barite, marble, coal gangue, bentonite, kaolin, etc.; it has a wide range of uses, such as plastics, calcification, cosmetics, clothes, toothpaste, etc. Field, very promising investment prospects. Of course, due to the different quality and types of stone powder, the use of the powder is also different. For example, lime powder for lime paste, talc powder for putty powder, quartz powder for glass and so on.

pulverizer milling stone powders

What kind of milling equipment is needed for making powder from stone?

What kind of milling equipment is needed for stone milling? This needs to be determined based on project information such as the size, hardness, fineness of the finished product, and output requirements of the raw materials. Generally speaking, a set of grinding equipment includes jaw crusher , electromagnetic vibrating feeder, Raymond mill, powder separator, bucket elevator and other equipment. If the raw material is very small, it can be directly fed into the milling equipment, so that the jaw crusher can be omitted; if the output of the milling powder is relatively high, the fineness is relatively small, and the requirements for the powder quality are relatively high, you can choose to replace the Raymond mill Into a new version of ultra-fine grinding.

stone powder millling equipment

How much does it cost to invest in a stone milling equipment?

How much does it cost to invest in a stone milling equipment? Different project equipment requires different types of equipment, different quantities, and different models, and the prices are naturally different. The following are some practical configuration schemes and approximate prices recommended by CLIRIK. I hope to help you.

1. A more economical and economical solution:

Raymond mill + feeder, powder separator and other ancillary equipment. The price is low, the configuration is simple, and the operation and maintenance are easy. It is only suitable for the user's feeding size ≤ 25mm. The main equipment Raymond mill has 8 models, from the small high-strength YGM7815 to the larger Raymond mill MTM1750 , and the price range is about 5-900,000 yuan (RMB) (including supporting equipment).

2. General configuration:

Crusher (jaw crusher or small hammer crusher) + Raymond mill + supporting equipment. Wide application range, low energy consumption and high output. Generally, small jaw crusher is selected for hard materials (the loss of processing hard materials is small, and the price is not high), and small hammer crusher is selected for soft materials (the price is relatively low). The price of the whole set of equipment is about 80,000 to 1 million yuan (RMB).

3. Cost-effective configuration:

Crusher (European version of jaw crusher or heavy hammer crusher) + superfine grinding + supporting equipment. With high degree of intelligence, convenient operation, high output, and finer discharging granularity, it is the first choice for various large and medium-sized powder manufacturers. The price of a complete set of equipment is about 100,000-1.8 million yuan (RMB).

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