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Insulation material grinding mill

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Insulation material grinding mill

Insulation materials are widely used in construction and other industrial fields because of their good heat preservation and heat insulation effects. The production of insulation materials from related raw materials requires grinding mill, which is called an insulation material mill. The thermal insulation material grinding mill is a ultrafine powder grinding mill, the main working principle is as follows:

When the thermal insulation material mill is working, use a vibrating feeder to add the required raw materials into the machine from the hopper on the side of the machine casing. The raw materials entering the machine body are mainly crushed by the squeezing action between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. . The grinding roller device is hung on the plum blossom frame of the main machine. When the thermal insulation material mill starts to run, the grinding roller revolves around the vertical axis. With its own rotation, under the action of centrifugal force, the grinding roller will move around the grinding ring. Swing and press tightly on the grinding ring to crush the raw materials in between. Because the insulation material mill has very good sealing performance, there will be no excessive dust pollution during the production process.
Insulation material grinding machine is the most commonly used grinding equipment in the application field of insulation materials. The reason why it is generally welcomed by users is mainly because the equipment has the following advantages: good sealing performance, less dust pollution, higher purity of the finished product; energy saving effect Better, not only solves the production of raw materials, but also saves electricity and energy consumption; the grain shape of the finished product is better, mainly because the fit between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is more reasonable; the operation is more stable, and the insulation material mill adopts a more reasonable structure , The space design of each component is reasonable, which can give full play to the working performance; the service life is longer, the operation is more stable, and the wear resistance is better, which naturally increases the service life of the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stone Grinding Mills:

1. The use of industrial grinding mills

As a grinding equipment, the pulverizer has a wide range of uses and strong professional performance. It is mainly used in non-metallic mines, coal mines, industrial solid waste, environmental protection, and deep processing of building materials and minerals. It is a favorite grinding equipment in many mineral powder markets. Among them, the product fineness of the ultra-fine mill can be adjusted between 200-3000 mesh, and the fineness is controllable and adjustable. It is suitable for grinding marble ore, limestone ore, barite ore, gypsum ore, talc ore and other minerals. .

2. What is the application of vertical mill?

Vertical mill is an ideal large-scale grinding equipment, widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-gold domestic mining machinery production enterprises, vertical mill products belong to mining and other industries.

3. The output is low, the particle size of the finished product is too fine, and the particle size of the finished product is too coarse

It may be caused by the wear of the grinding roller, grinding ring, and blade; the blade of the analyzer is damaged and the air volume is large; the analyzer has high speed and small air volume. It can be passed

(1) Replace with new products

(2) Replace with new blades and properly reduce the air inlet of the fan

(3) Reduce the rotational speed of the analyzer and increase the air inlet volume of the fan to improve the product.

4. No powder, less powder, spray powder around the feed inlet to block the air duct

There may be several reasons. The seal is not tight; the powder locker is not tightly sealed, causing back suction; improper air volume adjustment; uneven feeding, etc. There are several ways to troubleshoot

(1) Strictly seal with reference to installation requirements

(2) Check the powder locker, no reverse suction phenomenon is allowed

(3) Generally, the large air door should be opened to 3/4, and the exhaust door should be opened to not spray powder, but it does not need to be too large.

(4) Look at the material of the ammeter. When there is no ammeter device, only listen to the sound of the material. If the material is too much, the air duct will be blocked.

5. The powder feeding bearing of the grinding roller device is easy to be damaged

It may be due to broken oil or damaged sealing ring; long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning. It can be through (1) timely refueling at the specified time (2) regular cleaning and replacement of oil seals.