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What are The Application of Titanium Dioxide

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About Titanium Dioxide

The chemical composition of titanium dioxide is titanium dioxide, which exhibits excellent chemical stability and remains unreactive with most substances under normal conditions. In nature, three types of titanium dioxide crystals can be found: plate-like titanium, anatase (type A), and rutile (type R). Plate-like titanium lacks industrial value due to its instability. On the other hand, anatase and rutile possess stable lattices and serve as crucial white pigments in various industries such as porcelain glaze production. These crystals demonstrate exceptional characteristics including superior whiteness, coloring power, covering power, weather resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability, and non-toxicity. Consequently, titanium dioxide is widely recognized as the top-performing white pigment globally and finds extensive applications in coatings manufacturing,p lastics industry,p apermaking ink production,c hemical fiber production,r ubber manufacturing,c eramics industry,daily chemicals industry,m edicine industry,f ood industry,and numerous others . Due to its stable chemical properties,h igh refractive index,o pacity,h iding power,g ood whiteness,and non-toxicity,titanium dioxide is also extensively utilized in cosmetics for its beauty whitening effect.

Application of Titanium Dioxide

Currently, titanium dioxide comprises 60% of the painting industry's usage, while the plastic and paper industries account for 20% and 14%, respectively. The remaining 6% is allocated to other sectors such as cosmetics, electronics, and ceramics.

Paint Industry

(1) As a decorative paint, pigment grade titanium dioxide exhibits excellent pigment performance. In modern house decoration, white or light-colored decorations are preferred by most people, making pigment grade titanium dioxide widely welcomed in this field. Additionally, it is extensively used in external coatings for ships and automobiles.
(2) Pigment grade titanium dioxide plays a crucial role in the production process of architectural coatings.
(3) It is commonly used in the manufacturing process of white coatings available on the market due to its large quantity requirement.
(4) Pigment grade titanium dioxide is indispensable in the production of colorful pattern coatings found in many patterns available on the market today. Whether it's about color ratio or pattern design, pigment grade titanium dioxide plays a vital role. Moreover, it has also been widely utilized in automotive exterior paints due to its vibrant colors and high brightness levels.

(5) The production process of pigment grade titanium dioxide involves many high-temperature resistant coatings which are classified as special functional coatings. Therefore, pigment grade titanium dioxide serves as an essential raw material for producing such special functional coatings. 

Plastics Industry

The plastics industry is the second largest consumer of titanium dioxide due to its superior pigment properties, achromatic power, and other characteristics. Moreover, the addition of titanium dioxide to plastic products enhances their overall quality by providing heat resistance, light resistance, weather resistance and protection against ultraviolet radiation damage. As a result, almost all thermoplastic products currently incorporate titanium dioxide in order to improve their physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength and service life.

Cosmetics Industry

Due to its non-toxicity and superiority over lead white, titanium dioxide is widely utilized in cosmetics. It is the preferred choice for almost all types of fragrance powders as only 5%-8% titanium dioxide can provide a permanent white color while also enhancing powder properties such as slipperiness, adhesion, absorption, and hiding power. In gouache and cold cream formulations, titanium dioxide reduces greasiness and increases transparency. Additionally, it is commonly used in other cosmetic products including sunscreens, soaps, and toothpastes. Cosmetic grade titanium dioxide comes in oil-based or water-based forms due to its stable chemical properties, high refractive index, opacity, hiding power, whiteness quality and non-toxicity which make it ideal for beauty whitening effects.

Titanium Dioxide Grinding Mill

Due to the stringent fineness requirements of the titanium dioxide application industry, 200-900 purpose titanium dioxide fails to meet its demands. Therefore, Clirik recommends CLUM ultrafine vertical grinding mill as it can cater to various needs in the titanium dioxide market.
CLUM Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill
Capacity: 1-20 t/h
Feed Size: ≤20 mm
Powder Fineness: 325-3000 mesh

Mill Advantages
Flexibly adjust the fineness of processed powder from 325 mesh to 3000 mesh with ease using the CLUM series ultra-fine vertical roller mill. Our optimized grinders enhance grinding efficiency through improvements in the grinding wheel, flow guide system, and internal circulation system, resulting in a production increase of 10-20% compared to traditional equipment. The grading wheel is made of wear-resistant material and undergoes heat treatment for long service life while wearing parts are made from alloys that withstand severe conditions during processing, reducing replacement costs and minimizing maintenance downtime. With PLC control and touch screen operation, our CLUM series allows for automatic operation of the vertical mill production line while displaying real-time operational data such as speed, temperature, pressure, and pressure difference.

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