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The Development Prospect of Wollastonite and Wollasonite Grinding Mill

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About Wollastonite

Wollastonite is a triclinic crystal system characterized by fine plate crystals. The aggregate exhibits a radial or fibrous nature. It appears white in color, occasionally with light gray or light red tones. It possesses a glassy luster and the cleavage surface displays a pearly luster. Its hardness ranges from 4.5 to 5.5, while its density ranges from 2.75 to 3.10g/cm3. It is completely soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid and generally resistant to acid, alkali, and chemical corrosion under normal circumstances. Its hygroscopicity is less than 4%. Moreover, it has low oil absorption, low conductivity, and excellent insulation properties.
 Wollastonite is commonly found as a typical metamorphic mineral occurring mainly in the contact zone between acidic rock and limestone where it symbiotically coexists with stone and garnet minerals. Additionally, it can be discovered in deep metamorphic calcareous crystalline schist, volcanic ejecta, as well as certain alkaline rocks.


Being an inorganic acicular mineral with non-toxicity characteristics, Wollastonite demonstrates chemical corrosion resistance along with good thermal stability and dimensional stability; it also possesses a glassy appearance exhibiting pearl-like luster while having low water absorption value as well as oil absorption value; furthermore,it showcases excellent mechanical and electrical properties alongside certain reinforcement effects.
Wollastonite products are composed of long fibers that are easily separable; they possess low iron content levels combined with high whiteness levels. The primary application of this product lies in serving as a reinforcing filler for polymer-based composite materials.

Application of Wollastonite

Due to advancements in processing techniques and the acquisition of ultrafine particles, new potential applications for wollastonite are being discovered, resulting in its increasingly widespread utilization. According to experts, the future distribution of wollastonite applications is projected as follows: 6% in the ceramic industry and related sectors; 22% in coatings, plastics, and decorative materials; 5% as substitutes for asbestos; 12% for daily insulating goods utilizing EL insulating ceramic foam; 6% for construction employing insulating ceramic foam; 2% for refractory insulating layer ceramic foam; 4% for casting production using ceramic foam; and finally, a significant portion of 40% in paper production.

1.Epoxy Pouring Sealant

Today, 5G networks and equipment have been firmly established, paving the way for widespread adoption of 5G mobile phones and triggering a wave of iteration in the processing of various processors, RF front-ends, and internal components of electronic products. Among these components, the bonding and potting of adhesives play a crucial role in ensuring optimal insulation, thermal conductivity, bonding strength, and flame retardant properties. The performance of potting glue will significantly impact how well these requirements are met. Wollastonite's needle-like structure offers a unique combination of advantages such as superior thermal conductivity, insulation capabilities, reinforcement potential, heat resistance durability as well as flame retardancy. As an essential functional filler in adhesives used for 5G communication development purposes,Epoxy potting glue made with wollastonite fiber exhibits numerous benefits derived from wollastonite itself. This enables epoxy potting materials to possess exceptional properties including enhanced dielectric properties physical strength mechanical properties heat resistance wear resistance and flame retardancy.
Moreover,Wollastonite powder not only provides effective reinforcement but also demonstrates high chemical stability heat resistance and durability.Additionally its proportion is much lower than previous alumina fillers allowing for greater adjustability which significantly reduces the overall proportion of composite fillers used.Furthermore,the needle-like structure of wollastolite can form cross-stacking with spherical fillers like silica and alumina,resulting in denser filling with fewer voids thus preventing overheating fires or explosions caused by poor heat dissipation in electronic products.


2.As a Paint Filler

Wollastonite functions as a filler in paint, enhancing its physicochemical properties, durability, and weather resistance. However, its current consumption in this field remains limited to less than 10% of the total consumption. By substituting titanium dioxide with wollastonite powder in paint coating production, not only can product color and finish be improved but also tensile strength increased, cracks reduced, oil absorption decreased, and corrosion resistance enhanced. With its bright color and high reflectivity, wollastonite is well-suited for producing high-quality white paint and clear transparent colored paint. Acicular wollatonite serves as an excellent smoothing agent with superior color coverage and uniform distribution along with anti-ultraviolet characteristics; it finds extensive application in special coatings (especially fire retardant coatings) for both internal and external walls as well as latex paints. Finer particle size leads to higher pH value resulting in better paint color and coating property; alkaline paint can be utilized as an anti-corrosion coating for metal equipment such as steel parts.

3.For Ore Paper Making

The crystalline fibrous wollastonite exhibits several characteristics, including high whiteness, resistance, aspect ratio, low oil absorption rate, dielectric constant, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It is non-toxic and non-magnetic with a low coefficient of thermal expansion and minimal burn loss. Moreover, it demonstrates excellent mechanical properties and has an affinity for plant fibers. Consequently, it can partially replace pulp fiber in the production of newsprint paper, offset paper, writing paper, and other printing culture papers. Wollastonite paper enables the manufacturing of various types of papers ranging from ordinary wrapping paper to high-grade coated paper while eliminating strong static electricity generation and enhancing performance as well as transparency.

Wollastonite Grinding Mill Recommendation

In recent years, the price of needle wollastonite powder has experienced a rapid increase, which has significantly stimulated the investment interest of numerous enterprises and consequently led to the swift development of the wollastonite processing equipment industry. The production process for regular wollastonite powder (approximately 200 mesh and 325 mesh) typically involves utilizing dry grinding equipment such as Raymond mill and ball mill to pulverize ordinary wollastonite powder. To enhance the value-added aspect of the product, it becomes imperative to transform it into ultra-fine acicular wollastonite powder with a fineness ranging from 325 mesh to 3000 mesh. Clirik's CLUM ultrafine vertical mill serves as an ideal machinery for processing ultra-fine acicular wollastonite.


YGM Raymond Mill

Capacity: 0.5-50 t/h
Feed Size: 35 mm
Powder Fineness: 80-325 mesh
The Raymond grinding mill is the prevailing equipment for grinding 80-325 mesh powder. It is designed to replace traditional grinding machines with reliable and safe equipment that offers stable performance, cost-effectiveness, high grinding efficiency, and fine classification accuracy. The fineness can be adjusted between 80-325 mesh according to customers' demands. This dedicated powder equipment excels in its field.

Raymond Mill Advantages
  1. The whole Raymond mill is a vertical structure that occupies a relatively small area and is systematic, whether it is for rough processing of raw materials or transportation, powder making, and final packaging. It can become an independent production system.
  1. The use of an electromagnetic vibration feeder enables uniform feeding, easy adjustment, small size, light weight, energy saving, and easy maintenance. The electric system adopts centralized control and advanced selection to realize unmanned operation in the host machine room.
  1. The main engine transmission adopts a closed reducer for stable transmission and reliable operation without oil leakage.
  1. The main machine blade holder always stays in contact with the material durring operation;Therefore,the blade holder consists of two parts and the connecting bolt can be replaced after wear on the lower seat.
  1. Important parts of Raymond mill are made from high-quality castings and profiles using fine technology and rigorous processes to ensure the durability of the entire equipment set.

CLUM Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill

Capacity: 1-20 t/h
Feed Size: ≤20 mm
Powder Fineness: 300-3000 mesh
As for the technical level of the existing wollastonite processing equipment, the ball mill, vibration mill, and stirring mill cannot effectively preserve the needle crystal morphology of wollastonite. Consequently, all these products exhibit varying degrees of over-grinding, which reduces the grade of wollastonite powder. However, by grinding wollastonite using vertical grinding and Raymond grinding techniques, it is possible to obtain acicular wollastonite with a desirable mineral crystal morphology.

Vertical Grinding Mill Advantages
  1. PLC control: automation, remote control, simpler.
  1. Reliable performance: roller limit device ensures reliable sealing.
  1. Easy maintenance: roller disc liner made of special material for longer lifespan and easier maintenance.
  1. Good quality of finished products: utilizing the bed grinding principle, the material stays in the mill for a shorter time, making it easier to detect product particle size distribution and composition while reducing repeated grinding. The finished product has lower iron content, higher whiteness and purity, uniform particle shape with a narrow size distribution, good fluidity, adaptability to different products, significantly improving their added value.

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